No‑fuss pre‑ordering for software products


What does this do?

NearlyBird lets you pre-order software for a discount. This helps creators know that they’re on the right track, and you get a deal for signing up early.

When will I be charged?

You won’t be charged anything until the service is actually delivered. Plus, you can cancel anytime before then.

Still not sure? Ask us anything .

I want to cancel my pre-order.

It’s easy! Just check your confirmation email and click the “Cancel my pre-order” link. 

Don’t stress if you can’t find your confirmation email: we’re here to help. Just get in touch .

I want to use NearlyBird for my project/start-up/business.

We are currently only privately available, but if you are interested in using NearlyBird for you own project we would love to hear from you 